Success Story HIV Orphan

A baby girl was referred to Cotlands just before her first birthday. We learned that she was HIV positive and had suffered a bout of meningitis at six months, which had affected her health and development. When she was admitted to our organization, she was unable to sit, crawl and had noticeable hearing loss.


The child’s mother was also not physically well and was suffering from depression. She was invited to join one of our support groups, while her daughter was referred to the early childhood development (ECD) center at our Cotlands Community Center in Soweto. Here she was seen by our physiotherapist, who developed a program to stimulate her gross motor skills.


Attending the support group helped the mother come to terms with her life circumstances and she subsequently offered to work in the center’s food garden.


Today, mother and daughter are doing much better. The child is sitting and crawling, although it appears her hearing loss will be permanent, while her mother has learned how to care for her more effectively.