Emerald Hill Children’s Home



We are working on a project to care for HIV positive children by providing needed medication, medical care and nutrition to help them to become healthy and whole, providing counseling to help them overcome their traumas, and providing schooling assistance to help to educate and empower them.


The project is a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in the capital city of Harare, Zimbabwe. The vision is to nurture young children who cannot grow up in a family of their own, into responsible, self- reliant citizens. This program starts with those most in need and supports them for the long term to release these children from economic, social, and physical poverty.


Today, the home cares for about 90 children aged 3 to 20. The children come from a backdrop of poverty, impacted by HIV/AIDS, having been abandoned by their parents or having gone through traumatic experiences of neglect, emotional and physical abuse, including sexual abuse.


With more donations, we can expand the home and to assist vulnerable children in poverty, and impacted by HIV/AIDS. $600 adds 5 new children to the project. Donate Now.