Imbuto Foundation



We are proud to sponsor 17 exceptional girls with high school scholarships. The project with Imbuto provides scholarships, including guidance, school expenses, empowerment tools, and health insurance. Donations also support the education and empowerment of brilliant but economically disadvantaged girls age 12-18. We step in and assist right at the moment when education would normally not continue, by providing the resources to enable these girls to receive high school education. We help launch them out of the cycle of poverty.


Imbuto was founded by the First Lady of Rwanda, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame. Imbuto strives to engage, educate and empower youth: providing hope, good health, quality education and economic empowerment to the most vulnerable communities impacted by genocide and the HIV/ AIDS epidemic.


With more donations, we can send even more teenage girls to high school and release these children from economic, social, and physical poverty. $2,500 sends 10 new girls to school for a year. This is an amazing impact and gift to these girls. Donate Now.