This project focuses on the orphaned and vulnerable child outreach program that visits the homes of HIV affected children, monitors their health and well-being, provides food and essential items parcels and facilitates early childhood development opportunities. Our teams create positive change in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.


We work to empower families through community based projects to improve the care and protection of all children made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We focus on the holistic care of orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural region of Mpumalanga, the only organization of its kind in this area.


The direct beneficiaries are children from communities typically described as the most marginalised population group, characterised by high levels of unemployment, low education, skills and income, large families, low mobility and poor access to basic healthcare and high prevalence of HIV and AIDS and high mortality rates leading to children being raised by related and unrelated caregivers.


Through their interaction with beneficiaries through home visits, our community workers come to hear of cases where a child or children have become orphaned or are living in a vulnerable situation.


We will assist in every way possible to bring support and improvement to these beneficiaries. This comes in the form of medical support and medication for opportunistic infections if necessary, emergency monthly food parcels, school uniforms, assisting in the process of attaining relevant government grant income and offering psycho-social assistance where needed.


With more donations we can expand this program. $1,000 will make a large impact and support 100 vulnerable children. Donate Now.