Touching Tiny Lives



This project we support focuses on the children and families that are struggling to cope with the ravages of HIV/AIDS in rural Lesotho- a very remote mountainous country in Southern Africa. The project focuses on purchasing medical supplies, medications, nutritional assistance, and providing access to critical medical services which are often hours away across rough terrain.


The project provides essential care to severely malnourished, critically ill, or orphaned babies in their Safe Home and through the community outreach program. At the heart of the TTL service model is a Safe Home, located on the TTL campus in Mokhotlong. The TTL Safe Home provides short-term rehabilitative care for the most malnourished and critically ill children in the Mokhotlong and Thaba Tseka districts. The Safe Home is staffed by a team of committed local female caregivers who attend to each child’s needs around the clock. Their responsibilities include providing meals every 2 hours, changing diapers, managing medications, monitoring height and weight progression, attending doctor’s appointments, and providing constant attention and developmental support.


The mountain districts of Lesotho pose many challenges to communities and TTL staff alike, but our approach to responding timely effectively to children’s critical illnesses ensures that all with a role in improving a client’s health have access to the necessary skills and knowledge. In 2015 alone, 388 children were supported, 52 of those were critical cases rehabilitate in the Safe House, 170 new clients were identified, 250 clients successfully graduated, 1,321 home-visits were conducted, and 1,780 children were assessed at site visits.


With more donations we can expand the safe home program program. $1,000 will be used to increase the scope of the program and admit more vulnerable children in the door. Donate Now.