Make A Difference On Your Own Time with Virtual Volunteering

Volunteer in an Roses and Rosemary event or open opportunity for as little as few hours a week and you’ll join a powerful movement of people united by one goal – raise awareness, mobilize people to take action, and rally resources in the global response to HIV.


Time and location are no longer restrictions that prevent you from making an impact. Our volunteers can contribute after dinner from their own homes, during a short lunch break from the office, whenever and wherever it is convenient! You can contribute once a week or once a year.

How can you help?


Any little thing that you can contribute will make a big difference. We often have opportunities at our events and open opportunities listed. If you have an idea to help with our overall goals – please contact us.


If you would like to be part of the growing movement, please email us to be part of our group of passionate advocates for children by providing direct medical and social assistance to those most in need around the globe.


We are 100% volunteer run.  We do not have paid staff. When volunteers commit their time, energy and passion to help others, we not only save more money and get more people involved in our cause, we multiply your contribution and impact.



Auction Item Procurement

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us procure silent auction items for our Annual Events.  Every year our silent auctions raise thousands of dollars, making a very significant impact in the lives of HIV orphans.

Copy Writer/ Editor

We are looking for an experienced copy writer/ editor to be responsible for helping us write creative and effective copy for our marketing materials, leaflets and web content.  We would also like this person to review our current materials and offer suggestions.

Donor Communication Coordinator

We are looking for an extremely organized individual with strong communication skills to coordinate Roses & Rosemary’s donor communication and engagement materials working towards the ultimate goal of keeping our donors engaged and updated on our programs and how their donations are making a difference on the ground in Africa.

Donor Development Coordinator

We are looking for an extremely organized individual with strong communication and computer skills to maintain Roses & Rosemary’s donor database and communicating with donors as needed working towards the ultimate goal of developing a strategic plan to cultivate and recruit new donors and retain our current base.

Company Matching for Volunteer Time


We love working with companies who enhance their employee giving programs with company matching and volunteer paid time. We are set up with many of the region’s top matching companies. Please contact us so your volunteer contribution can be multiplied. In many cases your employee will make a donation based on the hours you have volunteered.